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SF Sources of Filter Coding Info POP QUIZ   view latestnibor10035/30/2020 12:55:24 PM
Looking for help with writing the code for my filterall2me35/27/2020 5:00:33 PM
Shorting Questionshillllihs125/27/2020 11:50:10 AM
Help for my filterMyway00725/26/2020 7:54:15 PM
Can you filter out leveraged ETFs?JoeyVinyl25/26/2020 5:22:40 PM
BITCOIN or Cryptocurrencies ...karennma35/26/2020 12:23:37 PM
Need help with a Resistance Line filter.nkhaladkar85/24/2020 11:13:34 PM
John Carter - Squeezeomarsitto195/24/2020 9:34:44 AM
How to find the last time something happenedJoeyVinyl95/22/2020 4:25:04 PM
Weekly closerlee8815/20/2020 10:09:33 PM
Always pin selected stock(s) to filtered resultsrntevans25/18/2020 4:25:55 PM
Days ago issues.benjamineide@aol.com15/10/2020 10:01:05 PM
MA(10) and MA(20) crossed 10 to 20 days ago and MA(20) stay ...rlee8825/10/2020 3:47:45 PM
Advance Decline Line - ADL/ADVI/DCLIsfbug15/7/2020 6:02:58 PM
Suggestion for Stockfetcherdrand1105/4/2020 3:19:24 PM
Need some help forfromAsgard05/4/2020 2:12:43 PM
VIX - Something's FISHYkarennma25/4/2020 10:38:39 AM
Did my ma(200) filter work right way?kayny35/3/2020 9:47:13 AM
IF true, another opportunity to buy cheap ...karennma55/2/2020 4:45:17 PM
volume at price indicatorjarmbruster05/2/2020 3:08:14 PM
TrueTrader.netjarmbruster14/26/2020 9:05:28 PM
Removing useless graphs under charts?Backsight34/26/2020 3:47:32 PM
Got an Ameritrade Acc't? Check your email ...karennma34/25/2020 10:59:26 PM
manually enter a stock and stockfetcher give the scan techn...hedgehouse34/25/2020 10:52:49 AM
BYNDkarennma54/24/2020 6:31:35 PM
Where are we in this market?push5280144/22/2020 7:04:38 PM
Oil prices at 50 cents per barreldwiggains24/21/2020 9:51:26 AM
Help me to make this filterMyway00724/17/2020 1:31:37 PM
Indicators that picked a particular stock?gkanparthy54/17/2020 1:30:38 PM
How to filter stocks that are about to do a bullish MACD cro...gkanparthy74/16/2020 10:23:57 PM
"Reports Tool"karennma54/16/2020 3:53:14 PM
SF codes applied to online brokerage platformssandjco04/14/2020 11:30:00 PM
EMA Spreadsmktmole84/13/2020 10:15:47 PM
Normalized atrivycapman14/13/2020 1:21:43 PM
Backtesting using entry and exit pointTracerTrader34/12/2020 11:43:50 AM
Just brining it to your attention ...karennma04/9/2020 6:13:43 PM
My filters "went missing"lipton164/9/2020 2:13:10 PM
What needs to be done now...marine2994/7/2020 1:39:26 AM
What real time and premarket stock screener is most like Sto...dwiggains14/6/2020 8:26:22 PM
Great Shillllihs Predictionsshillllihs34/5/2020 8:32:09 PM
Need help writing this filtercocoloco74/3/2020 11:38:36 AM
How short selling startedJoeyVinyl04/2/2020 10:25:03 AM
All Hands on Deck!karennma144/1/2020 3:51:33 PM
Things that make you go Hmmmmm.....pa247144/1/2020 1:39:55 PM
Swing Trading Ideas and methodsEman939773/29/2020 12:16:22 PM
Breakiing monthly trendTracerTrader13/28/2020 12:17:47 PM
What is wrong with this filter?gokhantk73/28/2020 5:52:42 AM
Thanks for all the great peoplescvidar13/27/2020 8:24:28 PM
May be close to time to test the watersSAFeTRADE113/27/2020 6:10:10 PM
Option feature applicationbinhp13/26/2020 3:28:24 PM
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